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If you havent yet gone out and purchased a pair of platforms, you should really think twice about why you havent. This particular pair if from Forever 21, Only cost about 39.99, however they change the look of your outfit effortlessly.If you want to wear then with a short flair skirt and thigh high socks it works as well as shown in the image about with stockings and shorts, And the best part is that they are extremely comfortable.



A Little Something White

A Little Something White is a beautiful bridal couture store in Darien Connecticut,know for providing the perfect customer experience as well as having a breathe taking collection of couture bridal gowns. This blog comes from personal experience and not from an article or review written by someone to promote for their business.Im simply going to inform all the brides to be in the NY,CT,MA area that this store will make you feel like the princess you are.


By Appointment only, the best way to provide a hands on fitting for something as important as the perfect wedding gown is by literally having a personal stylist/ wedding dress professional at your finger tips and that exactly what is received upon entering.To ensure the bride gets the best fit and gown for her personality theres a wide rage of designers to choose from, Alvina Valentina, Anna Maier, Coren Moore, Judd Waddell, Junko Yoshioka, Kelly Faetanini, Liancarlo, Marchesa and Sareh Nouri.Yeah! I know what your thinking, where would you even begin to look when all designers provided to you are breath taking??? However every bride has their ideal imagine for their perfect day, so all you have to do is tell your stylist what your idea of perfect is and she’ll do the hard part.In the meantime you can enjoy everything that the store has to offer. What i find most amazing about A Little Something White is that each gown is custom made for the perfect fit, and when its all taken care of and the bride finally smiles she’s given a glass of champagne to kick start the celebrating, because after all isn’t that the hardest part.

I hope this blog is helpful Ladies until next time 🙂

100 Years/ Style/ East London

DOPEST Shit for all my #FashionHeads😘

Occupy The Closet

Just watched this video for a class  I have to take on Ethics and Consumption in Fashion. I actually really enjoyed this video and it reminded me of the one that shows the different dance styles from the last 50-100 years. This also incorporates dancing with style, but mainly focuses on the evolution and changes in clothing that we wear now!


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